1. An edit I did of a photo I took of my friend Tyler.

  2. Cris Cab Part I

    From Mizzou’s Fall Welcome Concert on August 23rd.

  3. Gracie Schram Part III from her performance at Mizzou’s Fall Welcome Concert on August 23rd, 2014 also featuring Cutter Gage

  4. Gracie Schram Part 2 from Mizzou’s Fall Welcome Concert on August 23rd, 2014.

  5. Gracie Schram, a young and talented musician performed at Mizzou’s Fall Welcome Concert on August 23rd, 2014 and I took some photos of her set.

    She performed with her friend Cutter Gage and they opened for Cris Cab.

  6. Gettting ready to see Bleachers at Power and Light with these ladies! 8pm if you’re in KC free thanks to 96.5 the Buzz (21+) (at Kansas City Live Block)

  7. I’ve been trying to create a Warhol imitation all day and it just isn’t coming out the way I wanted it to so I just threw a blur on it to make it abstract. I didn’t get enough contrast in my original photo, the light soaked up my white lace t shirt and so it didn’t even keep the outline when I bumped up the contrast in photoshop.

  8. "We All-American" Series Part IV // Taken July 4th, 2014

  9. "We All-American" Series Part III // Taken July 4th, 2014

  10. "We All-American" Series Part II // Taken July 4th, 2014

  11. "We All-American" Series Part I // Taken July 4th, 2014

  12. Nick Santino performed a short set at the Acoustic Basement. I had seen him previously open for the All American Rejects in a band that was called A Rocket to the Moon, this time Santino spoke to the crowd and had a lot to say. In his set he gave you a lot of background into where he was coming from when he wrote his songs so the audience could get more meaning out of them. His songs were soulful and powerful.

  13. So yesterday I posted an instagram video here of this band doing a Smashmouth cover and making it hardcore. I do not have a habit of seeking out screamo style bands but Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! has a great way of infusing screaming into their singing which the lead singer switched back and forth from expertly. Plus their French, a nation which has a special place dans mon cœur. (Their songs are written in English and well-written too!)

    Bonner Springs, Kansas


  14. I have seen The Ready Set at least 2 other times on headlining tours and probably once before that as an opening act and he has never disappointed me. All of his shows are super hyper which makes them so much fun and his music is great. He was one of 2 acts I had seen before and chose to see again. The rest were bands I had never seen perform before and wanted to branch out in my musical tastes.

    Bonner Springs, Kansas

  15. I didn’t have any plans to see The Maine-probably one of the few at Warped who didn’t because they played in front of one of the biggest crowds. I had previously believed them to be a very soft pop alternative band and thought I wasn’t interested in listening to them but on the recommendation of Nick Santino to the crowd at his Acoustic Basement set, I decided to check them out. The lead singer resembled, hauntingly, Kurt Cobain and I spent much of the first song trying to figure out if this was his intention or not. I then got drawn into their set somewhere halfway into their first song. The songs they played were so  hard rock I was shocked at how wrong my previous assumptions had been and I was glad I attended.

    I included a saturated edit of my photos à la Nirvana.