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Instagram break

(at Lafferre Hall)

1 month ago | Sunday

My first time getting one of these things… @t_minded is corrupting me and I love it. (at Hatch Hall)

1 month ago | Friday

Super quick edit I made for my Twitter cover photo. I downloaded a lot of awesome fonts recently and have been waiting to use them.

This photo is meant to bring awareness an issue that I feel strongly about - the captivity of orcas which brings their species great suffering all for human entertainment, something the documentary Blackfish really brought to my attention.

Link to where I pulled the original photo.

SO, I have been playing with photoshop and editing photos and I want to share one I did of a NASA Hubble Telescope photo of a galaxy that resembles a rose. This is now serving as my Twitter background photo.

I definitely didn’t do it how I think an expert photoshop user would have, I played with the adjustments until I got the colors where I wanted them too, a pretty basic job overall but I want to continue trying and expanding my knowledge of photo manipulation.

We set the frog free, but first:
(at Cost Cutters Columbia in the Broadway Marketplace next to Hy-Vee)

1 month ago | Saturday

Shortly lived the #bowtie life thanks to @t_minded today.

1 month ago | Friday
T A G S : bowtie

"The Powell Street Pack" (at Kennesaw)

2 months ago | Friday

“‘Sup?” (at Strawberry Fields)

2 months ago | Friday

Took a study break and decided it would be a good idea to draw on my arms. First all-nighter of the semester has me going a bit mad. #hello2am

2 months ago | Monday
T A G S : hello2am

@t_minded showed me how to do a smokey eye today #abouttime

3 months ago | Monday
T A G S : abouttime

It took me 5 minutes to change the filter and saved me $40 #amateurmechanic also it is super rewarding to be able to do it myself

4 months ago | Sunday

Did you know its super easy and cheap to change your own engine filter by yourself?

4 months ago | Sunday

Bill Nye lectured to a sold out Jesse Auditorium this morning.

4 months ago | Saturday


5 months ago | Tuesday

When I don’t work I’m content to spend the entire day with my #Pug

6 months ago | Wednesday
T A G S : pug